Annotated Architectures: Cycles of the Urban Still Life

The city streets stretch out, one after another, lined with an extensive and interlinked web of buildings. Walls overlap and flow into one another, and the perception of the space as a whole is confounded by its dense complexity. In a perpetual state of change and becoming, standardized structures in the midst of cycles of development, deconstruction, reassembly, and reconfiguration reify the conceptual intangibility of a holistic understanding of the city. Following Rudolf Arnheim’s declaration that architecture can never be viewed in its entirety, the urban milieu is a constantly buzzing entity that hangs like a curtain wall, partially transparent and creating an illusory overlap in the reflected surroundings. Relying on disparate sites, extensive supply chains, and histories of human ingenuity and building innovations, Annotated Architectures: Cycles of the Urban Still Life draws upon a collage sensibility to present the city not as a singular landscape, but as a hybrid space embodying change, decay, looming precarity, and hope. 

all images © Alex Thompson 2022
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