A City/Chandelier

A City/Chandelier is an immersive installation that creates a context where the presence of the viewer is necessary to complete the artwork, and in which the viewer can recognize their presence (and its impact).

Through the use of suspended, overlapping transparent panels that are engraved with maps and architectural drawings, the installation acts as a living map, whose spatial layout shifts as the viewers’ vantage points changes. Mirrors incorporated amongst the floating transparent panels place viewers within the work (as they catch glimpses of themselves), and present new sightlines as they connect the various suspended elements. Lit with several spotlights, the fragmented portrait of urban space is highlighted as light passes through the transparencies. The lighting is also reflected by mirrored panels, projecting onto the viewers sharing the space, interacting with and incorporating them into the experience of the artwork.

Laser-engraved acrylic, steel cable. Approximately 8' x 8' x 12'. 2019.

Installed at the Gladstone House, 1214 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON.

all images © Alex Thompson 2022
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